Nicholas is a designer and architect from Nebraska. During the day he is a Design Lead at IDEO in San Francisco and teaches every so often. Remaining hours are devoted to countless side projects, Reimaging an architectural collaborative in LA, or PDX CNC a fabrication shop in Portland. He also runs a lot.

With a focus on how the built environment influences human behavior, at IDEO Nic leads interdisciplinary teams to help companies innovate at a range of scales, from air transportation to finance, and product design to urban planning.

As a professor, Nic has taught Interaction Design and Architecture at both the California College of the Arts and UC Berkeley. His courses focus on either integrating new technologies into the design process or solving problems in the overlap of digital/physical environments.

With Reimaging Nic conducts architectural research. They recently published “How To Level A Foundation”, a framework for mapping institutional infrastructures in Los Angeles and a manual for designing opportunities within it. The work is ongoing.

Nicholas received his Bachelors from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and Masters from Princeton University.