Nicholas is a designer and architect from Nebraska. During the day he is a Design Lead at IDEO in San Francisco, and professor at the CCA. Remaining hours are devoted to Reimaging, an architectural collaborative, and 2426 SET, an Architectural Gallery – both based in Los Angeles. He also runs a lot.

In the Design for Change Studio at IDEO Nic leads interdisciplinary teams to solve hairy challenges with innovative solutions and a human-centered focus. He specializes in designing spaces for cultural change and making sense of the problems without foreseeable solutions. With home base in San Francisco, Nic has worked abroad for extended periods, embedded with clients and from satellite offices in Toronto, Lima, and Singapore.

With Reimaging Nic conducts architectural research. They recently published “How To Level A Foundation”, a framework for mapping institutional infrastructures in Los Angeles and a manual for designing opportunities within it. The work is ongoing.

At the California College of the Arts, Nic explores images as a computational tool for architectural design. The course traverses topics such as: collaging, computation, digital fabrication, and using a printer. The whole thing is a lot of fun.

Nicholas received his Bachelors from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and Masters from Princeton University with a titled Master’s thesis “Reimaging Fabrication: Toward a Tipping Point for Representational Futures in Architecture”.