Pliable Practice: Conversing With Translations from Digital to Physical in Architecture

This publication establishes a forum for cataloging processes that facilitate translations from digital to material design space. Interviews investigate how practitioners are inventing platforms for digital to material translations. Moreover, the publication identifies how translational methodologies have underwritten emerging operating structures of practice disruptive to conventional disciplinary and professional protocols. Pliable Practice seeks to identify models that leverage design agility across technically varied platforms to supplement successive pursuits.

"A choreography of complexity lies within the parametrics of the real."

A collection of conversations with practitioners from the field of Architecture. Actors themselves, coordinating, embedding, dreaming, and innovating at the edge of digital to physical modeling. Together as representatives of their domain, these interviews conducted and compiled here canonize a new Pliable Practice.

Hanif Kara - AKT
Satoru Sugihara - ATLV
Nathan Miller - CASE
Fabian Schreurer - designtoproduction
Jason Kelly Johnson - Future Cities Lab
Panagiotis Michalatos - Sawapan